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About me

My name is Youssef Amer. I am currently a senior at Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut and part of the school's Global Studies program. Global Studies is a dual-diploma program which embodies the school’s mission to develop in students “the power to shape their lives and the world around them".


My interest in the Global Studies Program partially stems from my interest in technology, particularly how it connects with my international background. Coming from an Egyptian family, I have learned a lot about the role of technology in the Arab Spring, more specifically as it pertains to the Egyptian Revolution and the role of the internet and social media as vehicles for change. Much of what I have learned comes from family members who live in Egypt and witnessed in real-time how social media helped fuel the revolution and empower the people, while concurrently resulting in serious repercussions for many.


Because of my dual-cultural identity, I am fortunate enough to intuitively view the world through a multicultural lens. At Watkinson, I am a member of Student Foundation, as well as Titans, affinity group for male students of color.

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